First steps

Q1 2018


blockchain x16s (shuffle) gpu miner

Select a blockchain on which to build a proof-of-work coin. Develop X16S (shuffle) algorithm designed for small miners. Launch with CPU solo mining and later release a GPU miner.

Core services

explorer bot pool dns seeder

Launch Explorer, make it mobile friendly. Release a Discord bot, give it access to live metrics. Launch the temporary pool with a 1% fee and make it stable.


CryptoBridge CoinGecko

End the age of over-the-counter trading by getting listed on CryptoBridge. Also get listed on CoinGecko so everyone has access to a robust price history API.

Finding our voice

Q2 2018


logo brand wallet ui

Develop a new brand identity including logo, typography, colors, data display, and user-interface mockups for a future social media application.

Core wallet

OpenSSL rebrand 360 retarget period

Secure the wallet with the latest version of OpenSSL. Apply our new logo. Change difficulty retargeting period to 360 blocks at a height of 87,570 blocks.


layout firebase roadmap

Develop the site layout for realtime stats, connect the bot and website to Firebase realtime api, launch the roadmap.

Getting prepared

Q3 2018


in progress
message graphics social blitz

Develop our message and package it for delivery with graphics. Deliver to social media with interviews and community initiative.

FPGA Research

research Xilinx

Determine if developing FPGA software is an effective foil to the development of ASICs. Execute in the best interests of decentralized mining.

Terahash Pool

in progress
architecture backend frontend beta launch

Terahash Pool will fund the project while providing 33k miners with fee-as-investment voting, realtime notifications, adjustable payments, and DDoS protection.

Taking flight

Q4 2018

Social network

architecture backend frontend beta

Our social network will allow the average user to socialize online without their data being collected and sold. After we design and build the network, we will release a private beta mobile app.


architecture encryption ui beta

Messaging between people or groups must be secured. After selecting a reliable encryption method, we will add Messaging to our private beta.

Data burn

architecture ux beta

The internet should forget your conversations as soon as you’ve forgotten them. Since we are not collecting data, burning data to protect your privacy is a no-brainer.

Digital freedom

2019 and beyond

Public launch

press marketing launch

After a successful beta we will execute a marketing plan and release Pigeon to the public. A year of hard work will come to an end and we’ll let this bird fly!


social wallet PGN

We will integrate a Pigeoncoin cryptocurrency wallet into the mobile app. This will provide the general public with easy access to PGN, something no other cryptocurrency can claim.

Liquidity node


Currency fluency is a top priority. We will work towards full liquidity with major fiat currencies, positioning Pigeon as a worldwide intermediary currency that is available to the general public.