We build messaging you don't need to trust.

With no company calling the shots to collect and sell your data, no ads to annoy you, no tracking – you can enjoy pure p2p messaging.

With an encrypted private key on your device and an a data autodestruction procedure on distributed nodes, by design there is no way anyone can be asked or forced to hand over your data.

Technical details described in Litepaper, open-source code accessible on GitHub, verifiable coin transactions on blockchain. Don’t trust. Verify.

Welcome to Pigeoncoin Communicator
– Secure messaging at it’s finest.

The Team

Community representatives and project developers


Coin Name: Pigeoncoin
Symbol: PGN
Founder: Luke Pighetti
Launch Date: 21st of March 2018
Coin Type: PoW
Algorithm: X21S (S=Shuffle) formerly X16S
Block Time: 1 Minute
Block Reward: 5000 PGN (5% to dev fund – Start Block 420,000 Ends on Block 1,420,000)
Halving Schedule: Every 2.1M Blocks (Approximately every 4 years)
Max Supply: 21 Billion
Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA): LWMA (Linear Weighted Moving Average)
Block Size: 1MB (scalable)
GPU Minable: Yes
ASIC Resistant: Yes
Pre-mine: No
Founders Reward: No
Masternodes: Soon 20%BR/1M Collateral (MN for infrastructure data layer)
Wallet Address Prefix: P


Official Explorer: http://explorer.pigeoncoin.org/
Backup Explorer #1: https://chainmapper.com/pgn/